Pool Filter Services

D.E Filter Cleaning

  • Remove Grid Assembly
  • Chemically Clean Grid Assembly
  • Inspect Girds
  • Inspect Manifold
  • Clean Tank
  • Clean Tank O-ring
  • Lubricate Tank O-ring
  • Replace Standpipe O-ring
  • Reassemble Filtration System
  • Add New D.E

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

  • Remove Filter
  • Remove Cartridges
  • Chemically Clean Cartridges
  • Clean Tank
  • Lubricate Tank O-ring
  • Reassemble Filtration System

Fusion Pools Also Offers
Salt Water Conversions
Let Fusion Pools convert your traditional chlorine tablet pool to an easy to maintain saltwater system.

Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pumps
Maybe it is simply time to upgrade to an energy efficient variable speed pump.

Common Repair

  • Bad motors
  • Bad filters
  • Filter grids
  • Elements
  • Multi-Port Valves

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